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Chemart is an independent research and development company offering assistance in finding innovative chemical and technical solutions to clients within the chemical and the chemical technical sector

The driving force for Chemart is to offer innovative chemical and chemical technical solutions to its clients. The offered innovative solutions are based on Chemarts experience in the chemical and the chemical technical sector and in order to remain at the forefront and being able to offer innovative solutions Chemart is constantly updating its knowledge by a worldwide cooperation with universities, Research Centres and Companies.

To illustrate and give an impression of the wide variety of areas covered by Chemart following examples of projects performed with clients are given below.

Several of the projects with synthetic chemistry and formulation technology have led to patent applications.



Synthesis of organic compounds

Optimization of chemical processes

Special knowledge of miscellaneous catalytic reactions and synthesis of organic phosphorous and sulphur compounds.



Formulation of detergents for a broad range of applications. (Household and I&I)

Formulation of cosmetic products.



Treatment of waste water and solid waste



Optimization of technical prosesses

Start up of technical plants including the complete set up of a technical organization.

Examples: Optimization of the product yields of spray drying and fluid bed plants.








Bjarne Skindhøj

M. sc. chemistry

Ph. D. chemistry